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X2000 is a sending box developed by Linsn for the LED wall that integrates with the video processor and display controller. It can load up to 2.62 million pixels and support various LED screens in the market, using the mature solution, high-end video ICs, and 12bit color processing to show colorful and clear images.

X2000, integrated with the sender, is a professional 2-in-1 video processor. It uses advanced image processing technology and has various inputs, but it is also easy to use. One processor supports up to 2.3 million pixels: up to 3,840 pixels horizontally or 1,920 pixels vertically.

1) Two-in-one video processor integrated with the sender

2) Supports up to 2.3 million pixels with four outputs

3) Supports up to 3840 pixels horizontally or 1920 pixels vertically

4) Supports DVI/HDMI1.3@60Hz/VGA/CVBS/ SDI(optional)input

5) Supports switching different channels with fade-in/out or seamless effect

6) Supports EDID custom management

7) Supports full-screen scaling, pixel-to-pixel scaling

8) Supports image quality process

9) Supports two image display

10) Supports PIP and fade-in/out effect

11) Supports cascade

12) Supports audio output via multifunction board when inputting HDMI signal

1) Power
- Working Voltage: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
- Rated Power Consumption: 19W

2) Working Environment
- Temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃
- Humidity: 0%RH ~ 95%RH

3) Physical Dimensions
- Dimensions: 482x241x44.5mm
- Weight: 3kg

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