Colorlight X4e


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🔘All-in-One Video Controller / Processor
🔘Max Input Resolution:1920×1200@60Hz
🔘 Max width 4096 pixels, Max high 4096 pixels
🔘 Loading Capacity: 2.6 million pixels

Colorlight X4e controller is a professional control system and video processing equipment specially designed for LED engineering applications. It equips various video signal interfaces, supports high-definition digital ports (SDI, HDMI, DVI, DP), and seamless switching between signals can be achieved; it supports broadcast quality scaling and multi-pictures display.

- Inputs -
2 x SDI
1 x DP
1 x HDMI
1 x DVI
1 x Audio

- Outputs -
4 x Gigabit Ethernet ports

1 x USB_IN
1 x Genlock IN + LOOP

1. Support various digital signal ports, including 2×SDI, 1×DP, 1×HDMI (with loop), 1×DVI (with loop)

2. Support input resolution up to 1920*1200@60Hz

3. Loading capacity: 2.6 million pixels,
Maximum width: 4096 pixels, Maximum Height: 4096 pixels

4. Support arbitrary switching and scaling of the video source

5. Support a three-picture display. Can adjust the location and size freely

6. Support HDCP1.4

7. Dual USB2.0 for high-speed configuration and easy cascading among controllers

8. Support brightness and chromaticity adjustment

9. Support improved grayscale at low brightness

10. Compatible with all receiving cards, multifunction cards, optical fibre transceivers of Colorlight

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