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TS902 sending card is a 4K video display controller for LED Wall designed by Linsn that supports 3,840 pixels in maximum width and 1,920 pixels in maximum height. Four network ports support single, double, and full-color LED screens.

TS902 is a sending card with four network ports and supports single, double, and full-color LED screens. It also supports 4K video source input, and its maximum capability is 2.6 million pixels.

1) One Audio signal input

2) One PCI-E 1X interface

3) One DVI video signal input

4) One HDMI video signal input

5) Supports 4K video source input

6) Supports RCG file read-back function

7) Supports RCG file broadcasting function

8) Supports CON file broadcasting function

9) Supports 12bit/10bit/8bit video input

10) Supports 16bit greyscale

11) With four network output ports, supports common video source, like 2560x1024, 1920x1200, 2048x1152, etc

12) Supported video format:RGB, YCrCB4:2:2, YCrCb4:4:4

1) Rated Voltage
- Normal: 5V
- Maximum: 5.5V
- Minimum: 4.5V

2) Rated Current
- Normal: 0.50A
- Maximum: 0.57A
- Minimum: 0.46A

3) Rated Power Consumption
- Normal: 2.5W
- Maximum: 3.1W
- Minimum: 2.1W

4) Working Temperature
- -20℃ ~ 70℃

5) Working Humidity
- 0% ~ 95%

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