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TS16 sending box is a 4K video display controller for the LED wall designed by Linsn. It can load 4096*2160@60Hz, 15,360 pixels in maximum width, and 8,192 pixels in maximum height. TS16 can achieve high definition, high gray level, and high refresh rate, meeting the demand for large rental LED screens.

        TS16 is a 4K LED display controller designed by Linsn, which supports up to 10 million pixels with 16 1GE outputs. It allows you to customize the resolution, up to 15360 pixels horizontally or 8192 pixels vertically, for meeting ultra-long or ultra-large LED display requirements.

        1) One HDMI2.0 and four DVI inputs

        2) Sixteen 1GE outputs

        3) Supports up to 10 million pixels, up to 15360 pixels horizontally or 8192 pixels vertically

        3) Two USB2.0 communication ports for test or cascade

        4) Supports Linsn whole series receiver, multifunction board, and other devices

        1) Power Supply
        - 100 ~ 240V AC

        2) Rated Power Consumption
        - 35W

        3) Working Temperature
        - -20℃ ~ 60℃

        4) Rack Unit
        - 1.5U Rack

        5) Net Weight
        - 4.2kg

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