What is the LED video wall processor?

Most video processors for the LED wall are the sending box that integrates the display controller. The whole system of the LED screen works on the principle of sending cards (box) → receiving cards→ LED displays.

The sending card (e.g., NovaStar MSD300, card style) needs to be plugged into the desktop computer case to derivate the transmitter box (e.g., NovaStar MCTRL series, box style) directly connected through the laptop.

The sending Card is integrated into the sending box, and the two perform the signal sending role for controlling. It is also known as the video display controller by the industry.

LED video processor mainly has the role of screen scaling, rotation, and picture quality enhancement. Most devices also integrate the role of signal transmission, that is, with the signal as mentioned above transmission device function. The number of network output ports represents the following models of NovaStar.

NovaPro UHD - 16 outputs
VX1000 - 10 outputs
VX600 - 6 outputs
VX6s - 6 outputs
VX4S-N - 4 outputs
VX400s - 4 outputs

LED sending card and LED sending box is used in different scenarios, the former for desktops and the latter for laptops. They can be collectively referred to as LED displays or video wall controllers. Their function is the same, to achieve the role of sending signals to control the LED screen.

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