What is COB Micro-LED Technology?

COB stands for "Chip On Board", it is a method of assembly that involves directly mounting an array of diodes on a single substrate or printed circuit board. This design requires only one circuit and two contacts, regardless of the number of diodes used. COB LED are categorized as front-mounted chip, flip chip, and semi-flip chip. By breaking through limitation of chips array to achieve pixel pitch below PH0.Xmm, COB technology has been one of the most cutting-edge LED technologies in the LED industry. And it is accelerating the breakthrough process to reach the future of LED displays - Micro LED.

COB LED Video Panel - EACHIN

Explore EACHIN COB LED Video Panels

The COB KF-093 is our P0.93 (600 x 337.5 mm) COB LED video panel. It allows large-format LED screens to quickly achieve 2k, 4K, 8K and beyond resolutions in a scalable format that results in a completely seamless screen.

KF-093 COB LED Video Panel

The COB KF-125 is our P1.25 (600 x 337.5 mm) COB LED video panel. COB provides extreme horizontal and vertical viewing angles.Module sizes and pixel pitch options provide exact 16:9 formats in 2K, 4K and 8K.

KF-125 LED Video Panel

Anti-Compression and Anti-Collision

KF-093: The anti-collision resin surface of COB LED provides excellent protection against moisture, dust, static, oxidation, and blue light.

KF-125: Eachin’s COB KF series protects the display from impact, dust, and moisture – allowing ultra-high-definition displays in environments where previously inhibited.

Anti-Compression and Anti-Collision

Easier to Clean and Maintain

KF-0.93: Using unique display panel processing technology, when there is dust or stains, it can be wiped directly with a damp cloth.

KF-1.25: The face of COB modules are smooth and robust allowing easier and faster cleaning and less potential for damage from impact compared to alternatives.

Easier to Clean and Maintain - EACHIN

Extremely Low Pixel Failure Rate

KF-0.93: Low thermal resistance generates less heat in high current. That's what prompts lower displays temperature, lower LED failure rates and overall reliability.

 KF-1.25: Efficient manufacturing process that delivers a more stable product with faster manufacturing times than alternate choices with lower LED mortality failure rate.

Extremely Low Pixel Failure Rate - EACHIN

The applications of COB LED Video Panel

XR Studios

COB LED Screen Applied to XR Studio

Monitoring Command Center

 COB LED Screen Applied to The Monitoring Command Center - EACHIN

Broadcast Room

COB LED Screen Applied to The Broadcast Room  - EACHIN

TV Studio

COB LED Screen Applied to The  TV Studio - EACHIN

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