NovaStar MCTRLR5


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🔘 Synchronous LED Display Controller
🔘 Max. Input Resolution: 4K x 1K@60Hz
🔘 8 bit and 10 bit video source

NovaStar MCTRLR5 LED display controller is an in independent synchronous video control box. It supports 4K resolution (3840 × 1080@60Hz). Working with the A8s or A10s Plus receiving card, the MCTRL R5 allows for free screen configuration and image rotation at any angle. It is dedicated to providing an ultimate visual experience.

- Inputs -
1 x 6G-SDI
1 x HDMI 1.4
1 x DL-DVI

- Outputs -
8 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports
2 x Optical Outputs

1 x Ethernet Port
1 x USB-IN (Type B)
1 x USB-OUT (Type A)
1 x Genlock IN-LOOP

1) Image rotation at any angle
- Work with the A8s or A10s Plus receiving card and SmartLCT to support image rotation at any angle.

2) Support for 8-bit and 10-bit video sources

3) Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration
- Work with the high-precision calibration system to perform brightness and chroma calibration on each LED to effectively remove brightness differences and chroma differences, enabling high brightness consistency and chroma consistency.

4) Firmware update via USB port on the front panel

5) Up to 8 devices can be cascaded

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