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🔘 Synchronous LED Display Controller
🔘 Max. Input Resolution: 4K x 2K@60Hz
🔘 Loading Capacity: 8.68 million pixels

The MCTRL4K is NovaStar's true 4K LED display video controller which supports 4K × 2K@60Hz with a maximum width of 8K. MCTRL4K supports any custom resolutions with a width or height up to 7680 pixels, meeting the on-site configuration requirements of LED displays.

- Inputs -
1 x DP 1.2
1 x HDMI 2.0

- Outputs -
16 x Gigabit (NE8FBH) Ethernet Ports
4 x 10G Optical Ports (OPT1-4)

1 x Ethernet Port
1 x Genlock IN-LOOP

1) HDR function
- HDR10 and HLG are supported. The MCTRL4K can work with the receiving cards that support HDR to greatly enhance the image
quality of the display, presenting more vivid and detailed images.

2) 3D
- The MCTRL4K can work with the 3D emitter EMT200 and 3D glasses, allowing you to experience 3D display effects.

3) Individual gamma adjustment for RGB
- For 10-bit or 12-bit inputs, this function can individually adjust the red gamma, green gamma and blue gamma to effectively control image nonuniformity in low grayscale conditions and white balance offset, allowing for a more realistic image.

4) RGB limited to RGB full
- This function automatically converts the color range of the input source from RGB limited to RGB full so as to display natural black in low grayscale conditions.

5) Low latency
- When low latency and input source sync are enabled, and cabinets are connected vertically, the delay between the input source and receiving card can be reduced to one frame.

6) Inputs with decimal frame rates
- Adaptive to 23.98/29.97/47.95/59.94/71.93/119.88 Hz

7) Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration
- The MCTRL4K can work with NovaStar’s highprecision calibration system to calibrate the brightness and chroma of each pixel, effectively removing brightness differences and chroma differences, enabling high brightness consistency and chroma consistency.

8) Screen configuration on web

9) Cascading of up to 10 MCTRL4K units

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