NovaStar KU20 LED Display Controller


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🔘 All-in-One Video Controller / Processor
🔘 Max. Input Resolution: 1920×1200@60Hz

🔘 Ethernet outputs: 6 Ethernet outputs, up to 2.3 million pixels

Novastar KU20 is a cost effective LED video controller for the COEX series.It can be better adapted to NovaStar's advanced VMP (Vision Management Platform) software to provide a better operating and control experience.Equipped with six output network ports, one 10G fiber optic port and HDMI input+loop, NovaStar KU20 provides advanced image processing capabilities to maximize image quality and LED screen performance.

- Inputs -
1 x HDMI

- Outputs -
6 x Gigabit Ethernet ports
1 x 10G optical output port
1 x HDMI loop through
1 x Digital audio output (Reserved)

2 x Ethernet Port
1 x AUX

1. Full Grayscale Calibration
Work with NovaStar’s high-precision calibration
system to generate unique calibration
coefficients for each grayscale, ensuring
uniformity of each grayscale and improving the
screen’s image quality.

2. Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration
Work with NovaStar’s high-precision calibration
system to calibrate the brightness and chroma of
each pixel, effectively eliminating brightness
differences and chroma differences, and
enabling high brightness consistency and
chroma consistency.

3. Latency
− Support low latency. The latency at the
controller is 0 frame (less than 1 ms) and the
load capacity is not reduced.
− Support additional latency. Zero to two
frames of latency can be added at the

4. Input frame rate adaptive
The controller can be adaptive to various video
input frame rates, including decimal frame rates.
Custom frame rates are also supported and the
frame rate can be adjusted in 0.01 Hz.

5. Display system monitoring
Support monitoring of device status and screen
status. Any fault and alarm information can be
reported actively

6. VMP software control
The device can be connected to the VMP
software to provide easy and convenient
operations and smart device management.

7. Cascading control via Ethernet
The Gigabit Ethernet control ports support
TCP/IP protocol and star topology. No switch or
router is needed to deploy multiple devices on
the same LAN as the network switching function
is already built in.

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